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Please note that Quinta Maconda no longer contracts Aero Ruta Maya or Helicopteros de Guatemala.

Harpers Travel Guide 2009 – Feature

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Many thanks! To Harpers Bazaar (UK) for mentioning JH-Quinta Maconda in their Harpers Travel Guide 2009 feature “The Experts” for Guatemala.  Although we are limiting our Guatemala activities in the field of travel, we will still take on those who really insist on an encore!


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Here’s the Buzz! Tune in!                                                                                                                      

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John Heaton /At large…
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TRAVEL+LEISURE (USA) correspondent to Central America.
(Heaton’s views do not necessarily reflect those of Travel+Leisure.) 

Latest: BAZAAR Australia to feature Quinta Maconda

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October 20th,2008

QM promotes glamour for Antigua

QM promotes glamour for Antigua



“I am the travel editor here at Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and I have picked up a piece from UK BAZAAR on the most beautiful villas in the world, including Quinta Maconda. I would like to source a selection of high-resolution images of the property to include in the magazine.”

Thank you Bazaar!

Harpers Bazaar (UK): The 15 Most Fabulous Villa’s in the World Featuring: Quinta Maconda

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   Click here for Worlds 15 Fab. Villas

  “Antigua is where his exclusive-use 16th-century townhouse is located. The house sleeps eight in four doubles, and includes a magical, overgrown garden at the back. The interiors are stuffed with a striking collection of antiques and artefacts collected during Heaton’s peripatetic life. Most clients couple a stay here with one of Heaton’s brilliantly crafted journeys …  ” (click above link for more)

Past clients have included Francis Ford Coppola and Ashley Judd.

 Soon to be published in Harpers Bazaar (Dubai)

Finch’s Quaterly: Mavericks

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  Charles Finch, celebrates the risky, racy, old-school charmer. John Heaton

 In the mayhem of my early Hollywood years—in fact, throughout my life—I have been lucky  enough to stumble across men of great style, wit, flair and, most importantly, real substance.  These men of original thought and independence of spirit not edited by their peers or by anyone  else have been friends and often provided the inspiration or encouragement for me to continue trying to make an impossible film, build an improbable business or seduce an inappropriate woman … MoreFinch\’s Quaterly

National Geographic Traveler – Going Deep!

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     QUINTA MACONDA – Signature Journeys

Old World Travel

Old World Travel


Featured in National Geographic Traveler50 Tours of a Lifetime 2008

Following is the unabridged  version of GOING DEEP.    

A  Journey to the authentic and unknown Guatemala, hosted by John Heaton 

Going Deep – The original unabridged text

Going Deep – The NGT Feature

 by Carl Hoffman

 Check it out!

Quinta Maconda: Guest Review

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January 11, 2008 at 08:38 PM   From L. Laffont, NY

Posted on:www.indagare.com

“I am just back from Guatemala, where we went for the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday, and I would like to put the experience on your radar and the radar of your readers. We had a world-class, five-star experience in third world settings with hosts of impeccable taste who took fantastic care of us while truly showing us their country from hill to vale, volcano too! The fellow who runs this operation is John Heaton. He and his partner, Catherine Docter, maintain two guest properties and arrange guided experiences throughout their country. We stayed at their 16th-century villa in Antigua and also their jungle retreat on the Rio Dulce. Both were stunning.”

EDITORS’ NOTE: With political turbulence now a thing of the past, Guatemala is attracting more and more foreign visitors with its stunning, lush landscape; mild year-round climate and deep history (reflected in a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Quirigua and Tikal National Park). One early fan, the French-born John Heaton, decided, in 1990, to build a small lodge (the “jungle retreat”) along the Rio Dulce as well as restore a number of colonial homes, including an Antigua property, which he named Quinta Maconda (after Macondo the village in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s landmark novel One Hundred Years of Solitude). Originally just a guesthouse for visiting friends, Quinta Maconda, is, today, an exclusive four-bedroom residence that also features an extensive collection of antiques and primitive art, gathered from Heaton’s travels all over the globe. The jungle lodge, Rancho el Corozal, which sleeps up to 10 and can only be rented as a house, is a bona fide eco-lodge: torches and candles replace electricity; the buildings have thatched roofs and beds with safari netting, and collected rainwater is used for showering. For guests at either property, various rainforest adventures, including volcano climbs in Antigua and helicopter safaris over the Sierra Madre, as well as archeological tours of Mayan ruins, can be arranged—either as a one-off outing or as part a larger itinerary.
Quinta Maconda (private rental) from $1500 + tax. or  Quinta Maconda                                                     For Rancho el Corozal rates:Jungle Retreat

National Geographic Traveler – Quinta Maconda

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Keith Bellows (Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler) traveled to Guatemala.                                      Following is the account of his journey with John Heaton Guatemala Gifts

Video: The shrine of San Simon: 

El Anfitrion – El Periodico

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Profile of John Heaton in El Periodico Guatemala’s premier daily (full feature) 

Take a look