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The New York Times – Frequent Flyer

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There’s Simply No Excuse for Being Bored on a Trip

John Heaton on travel, as told to Chris Elliot for the New York Times

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National Geographic Traveler – Quinta Maconda

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Keith Bellows (Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler) traveled to Guatemala.                                      Following is the account of his journey with John Heaton Guatemala Gifts

Video: The shrine of San Simon: 

El Anfitrion – El Periodico

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Profile of John Heaton in El Periodico Guatemala’s premier daily (full feature) 

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Harpers Bazaar (UK) 2006 – Rancho Corozal – Rio Dulce

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SPIRIT GUIDE  Harpers, Editor at large Carinthia West & Photographer Sebastian Pearson, escape on the wild side in (Guatemala) with John Heaton.

 Harpers Bazaar (UK) in Guatemala (2006) Take a look

QM Insiders Website

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An INSIDERS look at the world of Quinta Maconda
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Heli-Hiking the Bugaboos, British Columbia (video)

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The 48hr train ride (Rocky Mountaineer) from Vancouver to Banff is awsome! (coming soon on QMLive!) There is a half way stop in Kamloops, the journey resumes the next day and the scenery along the way is simply majestic. A world class ride. The plexy dome of the upper level (Gold Leaf Service) offers 360º degree views and an unobstructed glance at the Rockies’ lofty granite peaks. An occasional black bear emerges from the underbrush, or a bald head eagle glides overhead. many deer dear were spotted along he way. Great food is served on board.

Once in Banff (Overnight) and the next morning a 3hr Pullman ride takes you to the Bugaboo Lodge’ Heli pad …up and away we go. (Coming soon on QMLive!)

Lift Off! On rocky summitt.

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3 Minutes to Vancouver .1 (video)

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Following is a clip which purpose is to inspire the viewer to experience in a similar way during his/her travels, route and place, and to go even further. Many times one misses the multi dimensional rewards of travel for being aprehensive and not being able to visualize the experience or the services offered beyond the brochure. On QMLive we will be presenting real travel experiences. Enjoy and be inspired.


This 3 part journey to:

1. Seattle-Victoria-Vancouver
2. Victoria-Banff ( with the Rocky Mountaineer)
3. Banff-Bugaboos (Heli-Hiking)

1. Seattle-Victoria-Vancouver

Do these clips entice you to have the same experience?
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The Splendor of Fuego (video)

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The Fuego volcano had been rumbling all day. Come dusk the gushes of lava were exploding, incandescent against the azur sky. Come night the show was simply spectacular. We drove to the foothills and took this footage, mesmerized by this privileged fiery spectacle. A few weeks before the Guatemala Philharmonic Orchestra had played in Antigua’s central plaza, as a back drop, the cathedral mystically illuminated. Bringing the music and the volcano together seemed fitting to honor this rare and grand spectacle.

Volcan de Fuego, Antigua, Guatemala – August 10th,2007

QM Leather & Tweed – New!

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Check out these terrific bags, the kind you can keep forever, ones that transcend fashion and feel more like objects than apparel. The tweed and plaid are old Maya blankets on the verge of extinction, collected in remote highland villages. This makes each bag unique. Beautifully crafted with genuine high quality leather and stitched to perfection. Ethnicity elevated to urban elegance, a nice twist!

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From $150.00 – de ville to $375.00 – week-ender (7 models / sizes)

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Departures – Guatemala Gusto! – Quinta Maconda

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 December 31st, 2006 – We celebrate new year’s eve with Richard David Story, (DEPARTURES, Editor in chief)  his wife Jennifer and son Zach, also of the party, Catherine Docter, photographer Alexandra Penney and Dennis Ashbaugh as with the presence of many local friends. It was a festive evening that set the pace for the exhilarating 8 day adventure that followed.

DEPARTURES July-August 2007 –

Guatemala Gusto! 10 page feature by Richard David Story 

View DEPARTURES – PDF:jh-Guatemala Gusto.pdf

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