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Guatemala: Magical events at Casa Oriente – St.Moritz meets Antigua

Posted in QM Events & Weddings by quintamacondalive on October 12, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala, August,1st, 2008 – Quinta Maconda & Maya Mountain produced a memorable event at Casa Oriente to welcome guests visiting from Europe, the United States and some from as far as Australia. The hosts who reside in Milan and St. Moritz regaled their forty friends with a magical three day affair in lavish style.  The Casa Oriente bash was followed the next day by a candlelit dinner in the 18th century baroque church of San José el Viejo.  All had been decorated with traditional Maya ornaments and set up by members of the brotherhood of Sto. Domingo Xenacoj. Guests danced to the tunes of cuban band, Buena Vista de Corazon

The third day guests were shuttled by motor coaches on a Magical Mystery Tour to the pagan shrine of San Simon followed by the Maya community of Sto. Domingo Xenacoj. All enjoyed the insiders view of the celebration of the mayan community’s patron saint, Santo Domingo  A Picnic and chilled Mojitos were served along the way.

In between and after the festivities,  guests were flown to remote villages and coffee farms by helicopter and bush planes to enjoy the charms of an authentic and unknown Guatemala.   Vive la difference!

Production, Hospitality & Travel Design:  Quinta Maconda & Maya Mountain.

QM Casa Oriente – Events & Weddings (video)

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CASA ORIENTE – Restoration, Architectural Design & Interiors – John Heaton

Aside from arranging tailor made journeys and all sorts of fun stuff for our guests, we have come to organize wonderful events. The master of ceremonies and coordinator extraordinaire of these happenings is, as per Richard Story ( Editor in chief of Departures): ” …the brilliant! and charming,Catherine Docter”. Catherine, with her customary grace and flowing talent makes all her clients, soon to become friends, feel at ease. More so, she makes the idea of having a wedding in Antigua, fun and exotic, and sets the highest standards of taste and service to the show. Catherine has the exclusive use of Antigua’s most coveted venue, Casa Oriente, the priest house once part of the 18th century Capuchin convent, that has been wonderfully restored and is among Antigua’s most exclusive private historic properties. Casa Oriente is used to stage lovely lunches and dinners and for smaller parties (60-70 guests or so) can host the wedding ceremony itself. For larger congregations and for drama Catherine has the use of some of Antigua’s stunning barroque churches. Her elegant touch will create a unique romantic and magical atmosphere for those seeking an unforgettable marriage ritual.

A Taste of Casa Oriente:

For information or booking please contact: cdocter@mesoamericanconsulting.com