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Heli-Hiking the Bugaboos, British Columbia (video)

Posted in Adventures beyond by quintamacondalive on September 5, 2007

The 48hr train ride (Rocky Mountaineer) from Vancouver to Banff is awsome! (coming soon on QMLive!) There is a half way stop in Kamloops, the journey resumes the next day and the scenery along the way is simply majestic. A world class ride. The plexy dome of the upper level (Gold Leaf Service) offers 360º degree views and an unobstructed glance at the Rockies’ lofty granite peaks. An occasional black bear emerges from the underbrush, or a bald head eagle glides overhead. many deer dear were spotted along he way. Great food is served on board.

Once in Banff (Overnight) and the next morning a 3hr Pullman ride takes you to the Bugaboo Lodge’ Heli pad …up and away we go. (Coming soon on QMLive!)

Lift Off! On rocky summitt.

if you like the way we travel – Come travel with us in

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