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Window on the Highland Maya (video)

Posted in Guatemala Culture by quintamacondalive on August 20, 2007

The following is video footage taken in the highlands during a 2 day trip. The shrine is by the cemetary of Nahuala and the indigenous gathering is during All Saints day.

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Heli-Safari – Guatemala (video)

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The conservation of cultural diversity – a priority today!

Posted in Cultural awareness by quintamacondalive on August 20, 2007

Sustainable Tourism,Culture and Progress


Having enjoyed the great privilege of experiencing the diverse expressions of the traditional cultures of Guatemala and Mexico for the last 30 years, it is devastating to have to observe its erosion and the poverty of progress in the region.    
For the first time  in history, as a result of the tsunami of globalization, much of the third world is at risk of loosing the intrinsic beauty and diversity of its traditional cultures, the historic vernacular of its ethnic architecture, its languages, as the mystique of its ancestral religious traditions.

Fast forward is rarely a harmonious melody, nor is the unruly pace of progress. It is unsettling to think, that in the not too distant future we might no longer be able to differentiate the cultural offerings of one nation from another.

Traditions hold the diverse and intrinsic wisdom of the global tribe, its knowledge, its innate education, its resilience and grace. How could it be possible that in just a few decades a nation’s (Guatemala) cultural umbilical cord be severed by corruption, incompetence and the mediocre proposals of progress. That, is the road to poverty. 

A priority today, should be to sustain the integrity of the worlds diverse cultures, admire their uniqueness, reinforce their being, and applaud their survival.

When thinking sustainable tourism, subsidizing the survival of cultural diversity is far more urgent today than subsidizing wars and stimulating animosity.  If indeed sustainable tourism is to be an option to better the lifestyle and economy of developing nations, the preservation of their cultural and natural diversity is paramount to the success of that endeavor. Furthermore, there will be a far greater chance for success if and when the respect and preservation of a country’s  endemic culture and biodiversity is embraced as an inherent part of
its progress.

John Heaton – Antigua, Guatemala, June,2007

Thar Desert, Rajasthan – Cobra Dance (video)

Posted in Adventures beyond by quintamacondalive on August 20, 2007

An encounter with the Rajput gypsies in the Thar desert. This clip is that of a young boy interpreting the Cobra dance…
I travelled for two weeks in the land of the Rajputs Gypsies in remote communities of the Thar desert and was invited to attend the wedding of the bride’s of Taluk’dani, and extraordinary Alibabaesque affair in the desert. ( see future clip.)

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Bali Trance 2000 – The inauguration of the sacred chariot (video)

Posted in Adventures beyond by quintamacondalive on August 20, 2007

Bali, Sanur – This was an amazing ceremony that honored the restauration of a sacred chariot that had been out of comission for over 60 years.
We were only 4 non Balinese to be invited by the local Raja to attend this happening.

Buena Vista Social Club – New Year’s 2000

Posted in Music Happenings by quintamacondalive on August 20, 2007

A rarefied and unforgettable experience! Ibrahim Ferrer, Teresa Caturla and the gang.