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Remembering VOGUE Paris in Guatemala: Prensa Libre 2001

Posted in QM PRESS by quintamacondalive on January 14, 2007

At the end of a one hour talk in the office of Vogue Paris editor in chief Carine Roitfeld, for the first time ever, VOGUE Paris was on its way to leap the Atlantic for a 15 page Fashion & Travel feature in Guatemala. This is the story as reported by Prensa Libre, Guatemala’s leading daily. 

The dark side of this otherwise glamourous venture, is that the Guatemala Tourism Board (INGUAT) failed its obligations by not honoring its written invitation and commitment to VOGUE Paris‘ editor in chief. John Heaton who initiated the project with Carine Roitfeld summoned members of Guatemala’s private sector to join in to help host VOGUE’s Guatemala journey. They did, while Guatemala’s tourist board (INGUAT) played the ostrich! – A bon entendeur salut!

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